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Ben Ship Supply has been dealing with chandlery supplies since 1990. We cover a wide range of services and can deliver an extensive list of products, provisions, technical equipment and spare parts. There are seven main categories, here is short list:

foodwe can offer a full range of high quality products, from seasonable and local fruits and vegetables, as well as frozen, dry and dairy products – the necessities for healthy living.



bondedwe can supply Your crew with luxury goods, alcohol and tobacco products such as cigarettes, wine, beer, spirits or chocolates for any occasion, everything to make life on board a bit more comfortable.



decknautical eqipment such as BA charts, publications, flags…  as well as safety equipment and lashing materials, from clips and ropes up to marine paint and  painting equipment



cabina cabin needs maintaining and we can deliver all the essential items ranging from general galley equipment, cleaning materials, to bedding and linen even stationery and IT equipment, without forgetting of course medical supplies.



enginewe can supply all the necessary chemicals and marine oils, sealants, packing and jointing and bearings, plus a full range from rags and hand tools to electrical equipment without which your ship couldn’t operate.



sparesYugoslavia was known for its shipyards and many vessels were built there which today still sail the world. We can supply the necessary spare parts for those ships as well as for those constructed in today’s Croatia or abroad.



welfarelife on board needn’t be all work and no play! Ben Ship Supply can also deliver interior decorations, sports equipment and games to your crew to care for their social needs.



All of these items are delivered in optimum packaging by our own vehicles and refrigerated van. We have a wide supplier network, providing availability, reliability whether it is something you need, a requirement you are obliged to fulfil or You simply desire – we will find it for you.

Where do we supply to?

If your vessel arrives in any ports in Croatia, you can trust us as we are equipped with our own vehicles and we are able to deliver to just about anywhere but primarily:

  • Rijeka
  • Omišalj
  • Bakar
  • Mali Lošinj
  • Pula
  • Rovinj
  • Raša
  • Plomin

In cooperation with reliable companies we can ship your supplies worldwide – fast, and at competitive rates.

If you are looking for smooth deliveries, good communications with a friendly and professional team, contact us.